Monday, June 29, 2015

E-mail 06-29-2015

And another week down.
It's hard to believe it's been 3 months already, the time sure has flown by, and it will be an interesting Saturday, I'm going to be working hard, but not as hard as last year's 4th of July, THAT was a lot of work! but unfortunately I won't be able to blow things up ether, so sad.
But in other news, we had interviews this last Saturday with President and Sister Brough, and they were awesome! We also had a training meeting from the A.P.s, and that was really cool too.  The rest of the day, Elder Chandler and I traveled to several different states, in this order, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, Jersey, and Connecticut, so that was a lot of fun! Although most of them ether ended with an AVE or a CT, so no I really didn't visit those states, but there really are streets here with those names, it was hilarious.
It's been really cool, the past couple of weeks there have been several baptisms in this ward, though half of them have been kids from the ward, and the other half have been the Zone Leaders, so that's a little disappointing, but oh well, they are still getting baptized.  We had one of are investigates come to one of them, and She loved it! it was B-awesome.
And I can't forget...oh wait, what was I about to type... oh yes.
Happy Birthday Andrew, Happy Birthday Matthew!!! ye old farts! No matter how old I get I will always be younger then you.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant

German candy!

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