Monday, August 3, 2015

E-mail 08/03/2015

Hi Family!
This has been an amazing week!
Monday, We taught this guy who was a referral from some other Elders, and this was one of the most interesting lessons I've been to yet. He was trying to teach us, and whenever we would try to get back to the lesson, he would start talking about how he's the one teaching us.  And the funniest thing about the whole thing is since I was a year or so younger than my companion, anything I had to say was inferior, and how me and my generation are destroying the world... it was an interesting lesson.
Tuesday, We had this amazing lesson with a young lady who is very prepared, every time she's not sure if she wants to do something, we just have her weigh the pros and cons, and she always says the pros win. She's going to get Baptized!
Wednesday, we had a lesson with people that we have been teaching the last couple of months, and they are starting to really get into the Book of Mormon, and they are starting to see that these things are TRUE!
Thursday, I got to drive! we went on exchanges with Elder Nailer and his greeny Elder (I don't know how to spell his name, it has at least 10 letters in it), I went up to Radcliffe with the greeny and Elder Koenig and Elder Nailer stayed here in E-town. That was a lot of fun.
Friday was mind blowing! We had Zone Conference, so Pres. and Sister Brough was there with the A.P's and everyone in the zone. We talked a lot about more effective weekly planning, and how we can double our numbers, and get more people BAPTIZED!
Saturday, we went out to find some of the lost sheep that had strayed, and then later we went out with two of the Y.M. in the ward to see some of our investigates, they were a big help. Then we went to the Brimhall's for dinner. They are the one of the best family's out here!
Sunday, we had a lesson with this lady, I don't remember if I talked about her last week, but the Lord has prepared her more than I think I have ever seen anyone! She will be the first baptism that I have helped teach personally, on the 15th of August!
Wow it's August! That's 4 months since I've started!
Well Love y'all, Talk to you next week!
Love Elder Durrant

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