Monday, August 10, 2015

E-mail 08/10/2015

Hey Y'all! That's right, it's Monday again!
So this week has been work, work, and more work, which is good, because it's boring not doing anything. So let us begin...
Monday we went, of course fishing..., but this time we caught something really cool! A Turtle! And we ATE IT! Tasted like chicken. Then that evening we ate at a members house and fished with him in his pond, and I caught a 2-3lb catfish, that I threw back in.  Dad, no one seems to like the idea of your catfish recipe.
Tuesday we had a lesson with Daisa, an 18 year old girl we've been teaching.  It's funny teaching her, because she keeps trying to convince herself out of it, but then we tell her about all the positives, and she always sighs and says I know, and once again good triumphs.  Unfortunately we won't be able to baptize her, because she is moving to Indiana, so some other missionaries will get to do it.  Then that night we had dinner with some members, he used to be the WML, then we went out with him to see some people that we've been needing to see for a few weeks now. It was a busy day.
Wednesday was a lot of finding new people and less actives, and had coordination with our new WML. We've already gotten a lot of work done with him.
Thursday we had an amazing District meeting, with that and the Zone Conference the week before, we are becoming more effective, and helping a lot of people (as of today, we have 7 people with a baptismal date). Afterwords we went and taught this guy, who we met the day before, we taught "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and set a solid baptismal date with him, all in 15min! Then we went to go see Daisa again, because she went to a youth activity the night before, we talked to her about it and helped her with some of her concerns.  We were suppose to do our weekly planning, but after we got lunch we both fell asleep, we were really tired... WELL, we then went out to go see people with Bro. Byrnes, the new WML.  Then we went on splits, Elder Koenig went with Bro. Byrnes to go see Amber, the lady getting baptized this Saturday, and I was with the Harpers.  We had a lesson with a couple and their son at the church, it went amazingly well, and who knew Pokemon actually had a good use, the investigators son is huge into it, and so are the Harper boys, so that worked out cool.
Friday we started an exchange with our District leader, I stayed in this area with Elder Naylor and Elder Koenig went to Radcliffe with the other missionary.  We first went and helped a guy cut his branches, then went and taught a guy we have a baptismal date for, but I'm not sure how much he really understands. That night we had a lesson with Amber in a member's home, which went very well.  Afterwords we went to go see an investigator that we hadn't seen in awhile, but we ended up finding a less active lady who we got back to church!
Saturday we went and helped the member lady from Friday and helped her work on a fence she was putting up, and then the guy we helped yesterday took us to a buffet, (there are a lot of them in town), which was really good. Then that night, after we exchanged back, we taught the first lesson to this guy we ran into last week, and set a baptismal date with him.
Sunday we went over to the guy that we taught the night before, and taught him lesson 2, and asked him if he was excited for his baptism, he thought about it then looked at us and said "I'm starting to be".  We then went to the church and had another lesson with Amber, she's excited, I'm excited, everyone is excited! Church was great, and the rest of the day we really didn't get much done, except for setting up the program for Amber's baptism, Elder Koenig will be the one to baptize her.
So things that are coming up this week is Thursday there will be a mission tour, Elder Zwick of the Seventy and his wife are coming, that's exciting, Friday, Amber will be getting interviewed, and Saturday she's getting baptized! My first one!
Happy Birthday Mom! I LOVE YOU!!!
Love you all
Elder Durrant

Do you see all of them?
Aren't I turtle enough for your turtle club?
That is not a turtle.
Turtles really do taste like chicken, 
just ask this guy, oh wait you can't... we ate him  
Hold still!
I got one... fish really are slimy
We ate it.  

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