Monday, August 17, 2015

E-mail 08/17/2015

  What an amazing week!!!
Monday we did a lot of fishing again, and we got another turtle for our District Leader, then we had dinner with some awesome members, then that night we had a lesson with a less active member. So Monday wasn't out of the ordinary.
Tuesday we spent ALL DAY inside.  So what we figured was that on Monday we had lunch at Hardee's (Carl's Jr) and then Elder Koenig was sick all day, so we all have decided that we are NEVER eating at Hardee's EVER again.
Wednesday we didn't get a whole lot done but we did have our weekly planning meeting.
Thursday (now this is where it starts to get good!). We went up to "New Albany, Indiana" for a mission tour, where we heard from Elder and Sister Zwick, and President and Sister Brough, it was mind blowing! I will send a picture of one of my notes that was awesome!  That night we had an awesome lesson with some investigators that have a baptismal date.
Friday in the morning we went with this couple from Utah that needed our help looking for a tomb stone to see if it was for a guy named "John Brown" or something like that, but there had been too much vandalism and time wear to tell.  We did find a large caterpillar though.  Latter we had a couple lessons with some investigators, and we set a baptismal date with them. Now for the cool part, as we were biking away from our last lesson and heading to the Church for Amber's baptismal interview, we realized that we didn't have any keys to the church, so we are trying to get a hold of some as we quickly biked all the way across town up hill to the church.  Well by the time we got there, we had no keys and nether Amber nor President Brough (He's was the one doing the interview) was there, and so we have no idea what we where going to do (President does have a key.)  Well Elder Koenig said we should try all the doors, so we start trying each one, and as we did Elder Koenig would go "Knock and it shall be opened" at each door.  Well we tried all the glass doors with no luck, so we where heading back when we pass the door to the cultural hall, so we tried it, we knocked and said "Knock and it shall be opened" and the door was OPEN! My mind exploded!  Well after that everything went great, Amber passed and President said that she almost made him cry.  After they all left, Bro. Byrnes (WML) and he's wife brought over some Chick-fil-a because our dinner appointment cancelled. So it was a good day.
Saturday I got awful news, I'm getting transferred out of E-town, and Elder Koenig will be training, so I'll let you all know next week where I am.  We had Amber's baptism, it went very well, and yes I got pictures, and she bore her testimony, which was very beautiful!  Then us 4 missionaries went out for lunch, and the place had fried pickles, so I can now say I have had squirrel, turtle, and fried pickles, what's next?
Sunday, in the morning we tried to see people to get them to church, but they were either not home or were leaving soon, so none of them came, but we did have one that comes all the time, she even sings in the choir.  Bro Byrnes did confirmed Amber, so that was awesome, and President and Sister Brough were there for a meeting after church.  President and the stake President spoke in sacrament meeting, and he talked a lot about how amazing Amber's conversion was and also how members can get rid of their fears when it come to missionary work.  After church we had gone home to have some food, I need to work on having chocolate in my pancakes, it was OK, but it needs work.  Then Bro. Byrnes called and asked if we could go out with him to see some people, and we spent the rest of the evening going and seeing less active members.
This morning all 8 elder in the area went fishing and we weren't catching anything, then on the way back to the cars, we were walking past this little stream when Elder Koenig spots this huge snapping turtle, so he and Elder Caskey went and got it, so Elder Koenig now has a turtle shell.
Well talk with y'all next week and I will be off to new adventurers!
       Love you all!
           Elder Durrant

​Elder Koenig, Amber, Elder Durrant
Now THAT'S a turtle!  
This is something Elder Zwick taught us,
that Elder Packer taught him.
When speaking or teaching we need to:
Give a story or an example, then give doctrine, last testify.
Not to:
Give a story or an example, then give doctrine,
then testify, give another story or an example,
tell more doctrine, and then testify again.
That is how Elder Packer said to do it! 
That's a blue herring

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