Monday, August 24, 2015

E-mail 08/24/2015

Dear friends and family,
Elder Samuel didn't write a family letter this week, he ran out of time.  I'm thinking that they went out to play, and didn't leave enough time to write.  He did answer things in my letter, so I'm ok with that, here are some of the questions:

(I have been anxiously awaiting your letter this week so that I can get your address)
It is 2900 S. Crums Ln, Louisville, KY 40216   

(and heard about your companions.  Yes, I said companions, someone posted the picture of you and Elder Johnson, then the picture of you with 4 other missionaries outside a house.  It looks like Elder Wallace is a funny guy,)
Yep, I knew it, Facebook... Ye that was the ward mission leader. I've been warned that if I don't want something on Facebook, don't let him get a picture. So it is me, Elder Johnson, and Elder Wallace, in a three ship, and Elder Seymore and Elder Matelau, and we are all sharing an apartment for now because this area was split and they are still working on something with the new one, so it's interesting in the morning, but it's a good set of missionaries, so there hasn't been any fights.

So where I am at I probably won't be able to send as my pictures but I will do what I can.
**Oh well, I will just have to enjoy his letters without pictures.  

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Love ya all

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